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Patient Electronic Claims Management

Recondo Electronic Claims Management

Recondo provides Electronic Claims Management for processing electronic claims, which are fully scalable to hospitals of any size, Claim Denial Management for resolving denials while increasing your cash flow and reducing write-offs, and Medicare DDE Automation trimming days from A/R and Communications Services where paper handling is still an operational reality.

These highly secure and compliant services assist the provider to improve cash flow, enhance productivity and increase efficiency in dealing with payers.

Electronic Claims Management

Keeping up with ever-changing payer mandates and requirements can be a daunting task for any healthcare provider. Our Electronic Claims Management solution makes it easy by streamlining the import, editing and claims submission of all types. Our extensive library of payer-specific edits ensures that electronic claims are clean before submission, virtually eliminating front-end errors and rejections.

Claim Denial Management

In order to protect your cash flow in today's healthcare climate of constantly reducing reimbursement, efficiency in all aspects of managing revenue cycle is crucial. One commonly overlooked area is Claim Denial Management. Resolving denials can be the most direct route to increasing your cash flow and reducing write-offs.

Audit & Compliance Manager

RAC Audit Management. Our RAC Audit Management solution is applicable not only for the current RAC Audits and future changing RAC criteria, but also an all payer solution that in the future can adapt to the forthcoming wave of audits by other Payers and Intermediaries that is a part of the current trend within the healthcare industry.

Medicare DDE Automation

It seems as though each day more layers of difficulty present themselves in dealing with what can be the largest payer in your mix: Medicare. Becoming more efficient throughout the process is crucial in lowering A/R days and meeting related key performance indicators.

Print / Mail Services

Our full-service document print and mail service automates processes where paper handling is still an operational reality. Such documents include paper claims, secondary claims including primary payer EOB attachments and patient correspondence such as letters and financial statements.

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