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Hospital administration requires access to insurance information from hundreds of payers across the US., and Recondo has developed proprietary, advanced technology tools to access and deliver current and accurate payer information and populate that data into Recondo software services.

Similar tools are called web robots or webbots. Recondo has enhanced and expanded traditional technology with many innovations and created an extensive set of ReconBots, all of which are deployed to extract, transform, and load current and accurate data from payer websites.

How ReconBots Operate

Benefits of ReconBots


Ultimately, ReconBots organize payer data into valid X12 270/271 EDI transactions using Recondo software services rules-driven logic. This properly formatted EDI transaction can then be used both by Recondo services and hospital HIS systems, with no manual intervention. ReconBots reduce manual effort, improve productivity, increase accuracy, and lower cost.