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Website Design Services

Recondo Technology helps upgrade hospital websites using the most modern skills and techniques. We offer three distinct areas of expertise: website development, website maintenance, and graphic design. Our in-house designers and developers can help you get the most from your website, and can help your patient community use your website to its best advantage. Whether you need a entirely new presence online or simple maintenance and graphics help, we work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your website, while representing the overall look and feel of your hospital brand in the community.

Website Development

Does your hospital have an online presence? Or does your hospital website need an extreme makeover? We design and develop high-quality, visually appealing, easy-to-navigate websites that are valid XHTML and CSS. We hand-code and optimize images for fast load times, create table-less layouts, implement PHP, JavaScript, and Flash to create an interactive user experience, create keyword-rich content to improve SEO, and test, test, test to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

Website Maintenance

If you need help maintaining your existing website, Recondo can help you manage your content and images, keeping the site fresh and up-to-date. We'll handle the complexities of code and/or your content management system, so you can manage day-to-day tasks. Additionally, if we've designed a new website for you, Recondo can maintain the site for a reasonable monthly fee.

Graphic Design

Whether you need simple graphics support or an a entirely new website, Recondo creates modern, visually appealing images that are ready to implement. Our pixel-perfect designs are always designed with a consistent theme that fits your hospital's personality and brand. All Recondo graphics and images are neatly packaged, ready to slice, Photoshop files. Some examples of our graphics capabilities include: