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Intelligent automation delivering real financial outcomes.

You already deliver quality healthcare. We help you deliver quality financial care and reduce costs in your revenue cycle.

Recondo leverages artificial intelligence to help you achieve sustainable financial performance while delivering a better patient experience.


Automate discovery of an individual’s current levels of coverage before and after services.


Access our authorization suite, including initiation, submission, status, notification and rules.


Determine patient financial responsibility, get detailed benefits, and leverage price transparency.

Claim Status

Automate claims follow-up and work by exception only on claims needing remediation.

Deliver a better patient experience

Manage your business operations more efficiently, allowing for more meaningful time with patients.

Empower patients to plan financially.

Provide seamless, patient-friendly access to accurate estimates of their out-of-pocket responsibility and options, increasing their ability to financially plan. Automating authorization management minimizes the risk of delaying care and ensures payment.

Engage in important conversations.

Use automation to optimize your revenue cycle workforce so they can have more important conversations with your patients on payment options and plans. Improve your staff’s productivity and increase their job satisfaction.

Capture more benefits.

Optimizing your technology environment through automation reduces human error and streamlines processes across patient financial clearance, expanding the benefits you can capture.

Providers report financial outcomes with Recondo.

Drive efficiency through automation

Streamline the patient financial clearance process and increase yield in the business office.

Decrease eligibility-related denials.

Automatically retrieve and combine data from payer portals and electronic eligibility (EDI 270/271) transactions to present the most complete benefit detail available.

Replace unreliable manual estimates.

Automate the process of calculating a patient’s liability without manual intervention, using managed care contracts, charge master data, and the most current patient benefit information available to create an accurate estimate.

Do more with your resources.

Automate every stage in the authorization process, including whether MedicalNecessity is required and get notifications of inpatient admissions and authorization requests for inpatient direct admissions.

Remove up to 90% of manual claims follow-up.

ClaimStatusPlus™ is an exception-based processing automation solution that eliminates up to 90% of claims from manual follow-up by quickly identifying those that have been approved, retrieving complete claim status data from payer websites and EDI.

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