Recondo is now part of Waystar

Two industry leading RCM companies have joined forces. Together, Waystar and Recondo offer more and better solutions, greater payer connectivity and unparalleled client support across the revenue cycle.

Intelligent revenue cycle content powering your automated enterprise.

Recondo’s revenue cycle content engine reduces unnecessary and error-prone account touches, allowing your staff to address 95% of denial risk pre-service and remediate denials faster.

Make 100 employees feel like 1,000

Using proprietary AI and ML technologies, Recondo annually replaces 494 million payer communications previously performed by a human — allowing your staff to focus on what matters most.

Annual Eligibility Checks

Annual Claim Statuses

Annual Prior Authorizations

Estimates Per Day

Improve eligibility denials by more than 55%.

From independent analysis, EligibilityPlus by Recondo reduced current eligibility-related denials at a large health system by 55% more than the previous solution provider — delivering $11M denial reduction in a single year.


Recondo has dropped our denial rate in eligibility from 10% to 2% denials within a year. Thank you.”

— Janine Maines, Director of Revenue Cycle

Reduce prior authorization from 25 minutes to less than 3.

Automating the prior authorization process from initially determining whether an authorization is required through initiating, submitting and statusing the auth request reduces a manual prior authorization request from 25 minutes to 8 minutes.


Work is visibly more productive. With no other changes made in the time period, it’s obvious that these improvements are a result of Recondo’s automation technology.”

— Katie Davis, Revenue Cycle System Director

Increase cash collections and improve patient experience.

Delivering accurate patient estimates not only improves your patient financial experience, but also increases the likelihood that you’ll collect on out-of-pocket responsibility prior or at point-of-service. 


Before Recondo, our staff would have to sit on the phone forever with insurance companies who would only discuss 3 or 4 patients at a time. Now it’s all automated, so all of that time is freed up for other work.

— Linda Glass, Patient Access Director

Accelerate cash by remediating pending denials faster.

Eliminate up to 90% of claims from manual follow-up by automatically retrieving claim status data from payer websites and EDI. Prioritize and route denied or pending denial claims to staff with details reasons for denial so they can remediate those claims faster.


The cash flow improvements and cost savings have been very apparent. It’s much less expensive to automate claim status verification with Recondo than add staff.

— Mary Wickersham, VP Business Office

AI-as-a-Solution: Meet your AI Agents

Working with a product team of former revenue cycle operators, our artificial intelligence delivers automation-at-scale.

Their mission is to reduce unnecessary account touches and errors that result in denial, so you can focus on engaging patients and remediating denials that do happen much faster.


Representing robotic process automation, Reco supplies the most accurate payer data.


Gigs controls the payer resolution system, processing millions of transactions.


Lexi specializes in answering clinical questions with natural language processing.


Embodying machine learning, Rocket is all about optimizing processes and technologies.

Recondo integrates with the tools you use every day

SaaS Applications

We offer a suite of SaaS applications that interface with the major health information systems via API, Batch, HL7 and cold feeds. Applications allow you to consume our content in concert with your workflow tools, passing data seamlessly between systems.

Embedded Content

Why interface when you can integrate? Ending the dreaded bolt-on, RevSmart™ integrates revenue cycle content directly into Epic via RTE, RTA and HL7, allowing your staff to work solely in Epic and increasing productivity and reducing human errors.

See why the nation’s top providers choose Recondo.

The cash flow improvements and cost savings have been very apparent. It’s much less expensive to automate claim status verification with Recondo than add staff.

Mary Wickersham

VP, Central Billing Office, Avera Health

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