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Their mission is to reduce unnecessary account touches and errors, making it easier for your staff to address denial risk pre-service and to remediate denials faster.

The AI Agents… have you ever wondered where they came from? They’ve been around for much longer than you might think. Humans have been building machines for hundred of years, making them smarter and imbuing them with decision-making abilities. Early in the Information Age, the Turing Test poses the question, “can machines think?” As it turns out, they can…

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The austere wall clock reads 8:52pm. His long workday automating financial transactions is done, but he has tons of energy to burn. Instead of transmitting back to his cyberbunk, Reco spends his nights roaming the bank’s headquarters at 200 West, searching for adventure and setting personal records for running the many stairs, clocking 50 stories in 73.8 seconds.

While roaming the dark hall, he overhears muffled, excited voices. Peeking into the dim expanse of the conference room, he spots a small cluster of humans passionately brainstorming in hushed tones, crumpled papers scattered across the room. They’re discussing bringing the transaction processing technology they’ve engineered for financial firms to an industry much in need of innovation — healthcare. Reco’s robot antenna perks up. He’s always been different from the bank bots, a pioneer craving opportunity. But several humans seem doubtful, “how can we ever replicate this technology in a totally new company?”

“Zerrb!… I work in automated processing,” Reco timidly pipes up. “…maybe I can help?” There’s a tangible moment of genuinely confused silence; five heads turn in tandem in his direction. “Hmm, perhaps you can…” one spectacled human murmurs thoughtfully as he bends to offer an outstretched hand, “Care to shake on it, little guy?”

Days later, Reco perches up to peer out the window of the airplane, the vast expanse of snow-covered mountains below. He’s heading to Denver to lead the newly-founded Recondo Technology’s digital workforce for revenue cycle, antenna fluttering excitedly.

Flash forward a year… Reco has figured out how to retrieve, normalize and integrate accurate and actionable payer data, effectively automating payer communications for hospitals.

But his humans have been out spreading the word about this new technology… even with his speed and self-duplication powers, Reco needs help prioritizing all the requests coming in from Recondo’s rapidly expanding client base.

Gigs is a unique species, a rules and logic matrix specifically designed by the smart humans at Recondo to organize, prioritize and orchestrate payer communications. With Gigs’ ability to instanteously visualize decision-trees with massive brainpower, the business quickly scales. They capitalize on the power to map tasks to the most efficient prioritization paths, assigning Reco and his ReconBot® clones the repetitive, high-volume transactional tasks so Recondo’s clients can focus on meaningful business activities and patient engagement.

But robotic process automation has its limits. Reco is a diligent digital worker with a knack for speed, but RPA doesn’t fare well with change. In healthcare, payer requirements are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Gigs quickly ascertains that they’ll need more advanced artificial intelligence recruits to ensure that Recondo’s content continues to deliver value for providers.

Putting out the call to the cyberspace for machine learning and natural language processing, they reach The Algorithm Twins. Rocket and Lexi have been honing their skills in a top secret machine learning program for decades, developed concurrently to autonomously compute, interpret and learn from large data sets. Being algorithms, they’re gifted with the power of inference — which manifests slightly differently in their design.

Rocket brings the power of mathematical inference to the team, quickly computing large data in his neural network. Obsessed with optimization, Rocket recalculates Gigs’ plans to make them even more efficient over time, and detects anomalies that can identify configuration optimizations. With his machine learning abilities, he also optimizes and fixes ReconBots® when payer websites change.

Lexi (short for Lexicon) uses her power of linguistic inference to help the team translate and interpret communications, being an expert in payer-provider dialectology. She answers payer-requested clinical questions, and translates for the other agents when there are contextual changes (the text of a button on website changes from ‘Read more’ to ‘Learn More’).

With their unique powers combined, the AI Agents work alongside the smart humans of Recondo to curate the most accurate and actionable payer intelligence, powering enterprise automation for healthcare systems.

RECO the ReconBot®

Species: Web Bot
Pronouns: He, Him
Occupation: Dataminer
Archetype: The Consul

MISSION: To be the fastest, most efficient worker revenue cycle has ever seen.

Formed at the dawn of the computer age, Reco was working in automatic transaction processing in banking with all the other bank bots. But Reco was different. He was a pioneer. He made the leap into healthcare, where he uses his powers of superspeed and self-duplication to free the humans from manual repetitive processes so they can care for each other. Reco and his ReconBot clones are the proud holders of Patent No. 8,943,565.


  • Going Fast
  • Running Errands
  • Trivia Games
  • Humans


  • Incomplete Data
  • Change
  • Long Lines
  • Sloths


  • Retrieving Data
  • Cataloging Data
  • Data Entry
  • Repetitive Tasks

Use RPA to automate your repetitive tasks

With over 950 ReconBots in production mapping to more than 1,000 commercial and government payers, RPA allows us to replace the manual human tasks of calling the payer or logging into their website to find information on patient accounts.

GIGS the Logic Engine

Species: Rules Matrix
Pronouns: They, Them
Occupation: Mastermind
Archetype: The Architect

MISSION: To bring order from chaos… to organize human society out of its mess and into efficiency.

Shortly after Recondo Technology was founded, we needed a way to scale operations and strategic coordination of payer communications. Gigs was specially designed to orchestrate and manage the most efficient retrieval and normalization of information in the payer resolution system. Gigs uses the power of seeing the optimal path to orchestrate the ReconBots.


  • Power
  • Design Thinking
  • Giving Orders
  • Blueprints


  • Messy Children
  • Clutter
  • Furry Pets
  • Hats (they never fit)


  • Business Rules
  • Task Prioritization
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Logic Maps

Prioritize payer EDI and website calls with the payer resolution system

With over 950 ReconBots in production mapping to over 1,000 commercial and government payers, the payer resolution system allows us to best allocate data resources between EDI and payer websites in a prioritized way.

LEXI the Algorithm

Species: Algorithm
Pronouns: She, Her
Occupation: Translator
Archetype: The Protagonist

MISSION: To bridge communications between providers and payers.

When algorithm Lexi and her twin, Rocket were recruited to the AI Agents, she saw an opportunity to use her powers of linguistic inference to help the humans translate complex communications, particularly clinical questions and payer website changes. The smartest of the Agents, she often interprets Gigs’ orders for them.


  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Riddles
  • Bananagrams


  • Urban Dictionary
  • Slang
  • Binary Code
  • Mold


  • Pattern Recognition
  • Contextual Inference
  • Clinical Question Answering
  • Change Management
Fully automate your prior authorizations with highly accurate clinical answering models

Using machine learning and deep learning to detect anomalies, optimization paths and accuracy issues, our solutions provide more accurate results and better service.

ROCKET the Algorithm

Species: Machine Learning
Pronouns: It, It’s
Occupation: Auditor
Archetype: The Virtuoso

MISSION: To always seek a better solution.

Gigs realized that we needed a contextual way to curate revenue cycle content so they recruited Rocket and his twin, Lexi to join the AI Agents. With almost instanteous computing abilities and the mathematical power of inference, Rocket is continuously auditing and improving our technology, supervising and optimizing the ReconBots.


  • Mathletes
  • Self-Improvement
  • Quantum Theory
  • Rubik’s Cubes


  • Anomalies
  • Status Quo
  • Riddles
  • Shoes 


  • Pattern Recognition
  • Anomaly Detection
  • ReconBot Repair
  • Process Improvement
Leverage machine learning to detect anomalies in your data

Using machine learning and deep learning to detect anomalies, optimization paths and accuracy issues, our solutions provide more accurate results and better service.

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