Avera Health

The Customer:

As one of the leading integrated health systems in the Upper Midwest, Avera Health cares for hundreds of thousands of patients across dozens of hospitals in South Dakota and surrounding areas of Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

The Challenge:

Due to rapid growth, outstanding claims were steadily increasing − creating a persistent backlog for staff to wade through.

The Solution:

With Recondo’s ClaimStatusPlus, Avera was able to completely reinvent how staff verifies if a claim is approved or denied. 

The Outcomes:

During their first year under the new program, Avera liberated $2.1M from a cash flow bottleneck, significantly reduced their aged accounts, and closed tens of thousands more claims — without adding more staff.

“My staff were living in backlogs of work, and unpaid accounts could remain unresolved up to 82 days or even 120 days in some facilities. Because of this lack of timely filing, we were also doing considerable write-offs. Recondo really stuck its neck out for us to do what no vendor had previously done. I was very impressed by that.”

Mary Wickersham

VP of Central Business Office Services, Avera Health

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