St. Francis Hospital Fast Tracks Front-End Collections with Automated Patient Pricing

The Customer:

St. Francis is a 376-bed regional health system with dedicated centers for women’s health and psychiatric care, the area’s only open heart surgery program, and numerous physician practices, staffed by 2,800 full-time associates and more than 300 physicians.

The Challenge:

St. Francis’s patient access staff had reached their limits of what they could collect based on manually creating patient estimations. As such, they experienced significant cutbacks in collections and a high bad debt ratio.

The Solution:

Recondo’s SurePayHealth gave staff the accurate estimate information they needed while seamlessly integrating patient access solutions directly into St. Francis’s current workflow and other Recondo products, like EligibilityPlus and Auth-DP.

The Outcomes:

By adopting Recondo’s SurePayHealth™ automated patient pricing estimation, St. Francis has increased collections by 37%, while equipping staff with the tools they need to continuously improve.


“Before Recondo, our staff would sometimes have to sit on the phone forever with the insurance companies, who would only discuss three or four patients at a time. So the next day, the round of calls started over again. Now it’s all automated, so all of that time is free for other work.”

Linda Glass

Patient Access Services Director, St. Francis Hospital

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