Claim status software: Get paid faster, for less cost.

Insurance payers initially deny 9% of claims, putting $5 million in payment per hospital at risk. And although hospitals will end up securing payment for 63% of those initially denied claims, it costs about $118 per claim to claw back those funds. But not anymore.

ClaimStatusPlus™ delivers detailed and timely answers on claims status, including the exact reason for denial, directly inside the systems you use most, eliminating technology hassles and streamlining your team’s workflow. Hello, efficiency.

Status your claims within 7 days or less
Remove claims pending payment from worklists
Route claims needing remediation with detailed reason for denial

Feature Highlights

  • 260 ReconBots. Our web bots navigate commercial and government payers’ websites and EDI to retrieve the most detailed claim status information available.
  • Reason Code Logic. Recondo’s logic engine reviews, standardizes, and catalogues all payer reason codes on a claim to identify what is required to remediate the claim.
  • Customizable Recheck Logic. Bots are programmed to know when it’s time to recheck a claim for adjudication based on configurable days (like the routine amount of time a payer takes to adjudicate or the days since a particular status).
  • Workqueue Routing Logic. A disposition of the claim is assigned based on the category and status code retrieved from the payer portal, allowing claims to be routed to appropriate workqueues.
  • Reminder Date Logic. Claims in certain workqueues are assigned a reminder date depending on what needs to be done with the claim.
  • Outbound Documentation. Our logic engine adds account notes and sends a documentation report, creating actionable information for denial remediation and saving it directly into your HIS.
  • Analytics Reporting. Our reports display summaries of your current and historical data, detailing which trends are most prevalent.

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