Get complete benefits details in seconds.

Time spent on insurance company interaction each week is, on average, 3.4 hours for physicians, 20.6 hours for nurses, and 53.1 hours for clerical staff. That’s roughly $68,274 spent each year per physician.

Patient access staff spend a large portion of their time attempting to assign accurate eligibility and benefits information to accounts to capture revenue and prevent denied claims, but the sheer volume of patients makes it difficult to effectively work all accounts, let alone avoid the human error that often leads to denials.

EligibilityPlus™ provides real-time benefit verification and the most comprehensive benefit response available automatically, streamlining workflow and alleviating workload, once and for all.

Get comprehensive benefits in minutes
Flag accounts with potential eligibility issues
Recheck for new or updated benefits every time a record changes

Feature Highlights

  • Eligibility Verification. Our custom web bots navigate payers’ websites and EDI to find the most detailed benefits and exceptions available and then go one step even further to retrieve and normalize that data.
  • Real-Time Alerts. Recondo’s logic engine identifies accounts with demographic discrepancies or status exceptions and provides actionable guidance for staff.
  • Automatic Recheck. Bots are sent out to perform a recheck when demographic information is updated in your HIS, eliminating the need for third-party self-pay eligibility checks.
  • Data Provisioning System. Accounts are loaded and catalogued into an application where the payer, patient type, and service are provisioned.
  • Account Tagging. Accounts are tagged and sent back with updates, allowing staff to have further detail on payer responses.

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