Accurate self-service patient estimates.

MySurePayHealth™ uses facility charges, contract rates, and insurance information to calculate a patient’s real-time out-of-pocket responsibility. We arm patients with detailed estimates up-front, allowing them to plan ahead and begin payment prior to service.

ClaimStatusPlus™ delivers detailed and timely answers on claims’ status, including the exact reason for denial, directly inside the systems you use most, eliminating technology hassles and streamlining your team’s workflow. Hello, efficiency.

Enable accurate self-service patient estimates
Guide patients to financial services or scheduling with configurable links
Run analytics to see how many patients schedule services

Feature Highlights

  • Estimate Summary. Retrieves insurance benefit information from the patient’s insurance company based upon the healthcare services the patient selected.
  • Global Estimates. Uses global clinician and facility rates to provides a detailed estimate of a patient’s financial obligation for an office visit charge/procedure, as well as a facility charge.
  • Paired Charges. Attaches known charges that typically pair with a given service to the overall estimate so patients get a true out-of-pocket cost even if they don’t select every service.
  • Automatic Prompt Pay Discounts. We calculate a patient’s propensity to pay and display information for patient accounts with a PFR greater than zero.
  • Patient Next-Best Actions. Guide patients with configurable links for next steps, such as scheduling, payment options, loan applications that match your ideal patient financial experience.
  • Analytics Reporting. Checks to see if a consumer who used the MySPH tool became a “true” patient or went somewhere else for their care after the price estimate.

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