Patient Payment Estimator: Replace unreliable estimates.

Increasing patient volumes are creating more self-pay accounts to manage. Add in high deductible health plans, and it’s no surprise that more patients are facing large out-of-pocket expenses. As such, hospitals are seeing a continued rise in uncollected patient payments. It is now incredibly expensive, if even possible, to collect full payments either prior to or at point-of-service.

But not anymore. SurePayHealth™​ automates the process of calculating a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility, as well as their propensity to pay and charity qualification, based on real-time levels of coverage without manual intervention or an intrusive credit check.

Calculate a patient's real-time out-of-pocket responsibility
Provide an accurate estimate at point-of-service
Connect to payment capture to increase cash collections

Feature Highlights

  • Integrated Workflow. Workflow is automated through a seamless integration to existing patient registration systems.
  • Benefits Verification. Real-time benefits are obtained via EDI and payer websites to ensure the most complete information available (including out-of-pocket maximums and remaining deductible amounts).
  • Real-Time Alerts: Alerts are displayed prior to service to notify staff of any supplemental coverage or payment options available.
  • Financial Assistance. Recondo’s logic engine aids in the financial clearance process, determining propensity to pay and evaluating a patient’s likelihood to qualify for Medicaid or charity programs without an intrusive credit check.
  • Collections Reporting: Insight is given into the collections process by analyzing payment posting files to see the collections to opportunity ratio, reason for non-collection, ATP rate, and collection activity.
  • Accuracy Analysis: Patient estimates are evaluated against previously adjudicated claims to report the percentage of accuracy related to out-of-pocket expenses.

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