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You’d like to see what our products can do for you, so we’ve provided datasheets with lists of solution features and benefits.

Patient Financial Clearance Datasheet

RevSmart by Recondo

The phase “we just can’t hire enough staff,” no longer applies when you leverage RevSmart™ automation to do work that has traditionally been manual. RevSmart leverages Best in KLAS patient access content from Recondo directly into your Epic system via RTA, RTE and HL7. Take advantage of our content without your staff having to login to a separate revenue cycle application — saving you time, driving increased productivity and yield, not to mention improving staff satisfaction. Driving automated and actionable financial clearance data into Epic ensures more patients are financially cleared pre-service and allows your staff to engage in meaningful conversations about a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility.

Patient Access Datasheet

RegQA by Recondo

How many denials and rework has your hospital received this year from inaccurate patient registrations? Combat this seemingly relentless accuracy challenge with Recondo’s RegQA™ solution, the real time software that identifies registration errors so you can take corrective action both with the registration record and the staff member. Registration errors cause countless downstream problems that affect proper payments from both patients and payers. Registration data is complex and voluminous, virtually guaranteeing that even the most experienced staff member will make mistakes that cause revenue to be lost or delayed. Registration mistakes can cause significant revenue loss in the areas of incorrect insurance plan and/or policy numbers, missing employer information, inaccurate patient and guarantor data, physician designated errors, transposed numbers and much, much more.

Patient Access Datasheet

EligibilityPlus by Recondo

Recondo’s EligibilityPlus™ data service is the automated tool to discover a patient’s true levels of coverage before and after services.

Using Recondo’s patented ReconBot™ technology, EligibilityPlus automatically retrieves and combines data from payer portals and EDI transactions to present the most complete benefit detail available.

Patient Access Datasheet

Auth-DP by Recondo

Authorization management is one of those elusive activities that most providers struggle with. Automating authorizations from initiating the authorization to retrieving it and submitting it will help your staff handle the increasing number of authorizations required by payers. In turn, you’ll increase yield, net revenue, and optimize resources while decreasing authorization-related denials and denial write-offs. Our Authorization-Denial Prevention, or Auth-DP™ leads the industry with 7 years of authorization automation experience in the most comprehensive platform.

Patient Access Datasheet

SurePayHealth by Recondo

What’s the surest path to more upfront collections? Recondo’s SurePayHealth.™

It’s the automated patient estimate intelligence feed that produces reliable patient estimates prior to and at the point of service. 

Using Recondo’s patented ReconBot™ technology, SurePayHealth automatically retrieves and combines data from payer portals and charge master data to present an estimate based on the most current information available on patient coverage.

Patient Access Datasheet

MySurePayHealth by Recondo

Patients rarely know what they will owe for healthcare services until after care has been received.

MySurePayHealth takes price transparency one step further, allowing patients to get real-time pricing information in a self-service manner with minimal input data. 

Moreover, implementing MySurePayHealth allows patient access staff to focus on more meaningful tasks by significantly reducing calls from patients wishing to discuss their out-of-pocket financial responsibilities.

Business Office Datasheet

ClaimStatusPlus by Recondo

Replace endless question marks with answers.

ClaimStatusPlus™ delivers claim status information inside the systems you use most, eliminating technology hassles and streamlining your team’s workflow.

Regardless of which system you use to process claims, ClaimStatusPlus operates as an intelligence feed, delivering detailed and timely answers on claims status including the precise reason for denial.

It also eliminates continuous manual follow-up on the 90% of claims that have already been approved, freeing staff to focus on remediation efforts.

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