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Price Transparency Whitepaper

The solution for healthcare pricing transparency

The public and media have been calling for hospitals to make their pricing transparent, and now it’s clear that the ability to do so will be a competitive differentiator. Yet it’s one that conceivably exposes sensitive information to competitors. How can providers supply patients—but not competing providers—with accurate cost estimates? And how can providers deliver accurate estimates, given the complexity of contracted rates and fluctuating year-to-date benefits usage?

This white paper answers these questions and explores a solution that gives patients the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions in the form of “self-service” pricing calculators—estimates that healthcare consumers retrieve themselves, in minutes or less—on the provider’s website.

Business Office Whitepaper

Get healthcare revenue moving again

Intentional or not, the current healthcare landscape seems designed to reduce the revenue physicians and hospitals earn per patient, no matter the quality of care or cost of labor and supplies. Claims remittances commonly take up to 40 days or longer to arrive, leaving providers with few options other than to passively wait or pursue costly fixes such as staffing internally or hiring third parties to follow up with payers, or communicate with payers via decades-old electronic data interchange (EDI) technology.

In search of more affordable and effective solutions to payment delays, many provider organizations are automating the payer follow-up process. This white paper examines the claims status automation trend to reveal a clear picture of the technology that is helping providers recapture a timely and efficient billing cycle.

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