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Alignment process

We use an 8-stage process to match you with the right solutions to drive value for your organization. Here’s what you can look forward to.

1. Inquiry

You make an inquiry on our website or at an event, or during the course of our outreach to your organization.

2. Initial Call

We speak with you briefly to understand your interest, value drivers and identify which products can help you achieve your revenue cycle goals.

3. Discovery Meeting

We set up a 30 to 60 minute meeting with you to outline your decision process, criteria, metrics and ROI we need to drive to deliver value.

4. Demo

We host you and your team on a 60-90 minute demo meeting with our product owners so you can see how the solution(s) function.

5. Impact Analysis

We’ll work directly with data you provide to perform a Business Impact Analysis to set expectations and support necessary approvals.

6. Proposal

We’ll submit pricing and a proposal for your approval, and work through the terms of the agreement together.

7. Contract

We’ll sign the mutual agreement for the solutions we’ll be providing to your organization.

8. Implementation

We’ll work with you to outline a comprehensive implementation plan, and officially welcome you as a customer!

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