Recondo to demonstrate authorization automation and price transparency solutions at NAHAM 2016

New Orleans, LA—May 24, 2016—Recondo Technology, a leading provider of cloud-based revenue cycle connectivity and applications, will demonstrate its market-leading solutions for price transparency, authorization automation and denial prevention at the 42nd Annual National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) Conference in New Orleans, today through May 27.

Recondo will demonstrate its new “provider-centric” tool for true healthcare price transparency, MySurePayHealth™, and its Auth-DP™ solution for automating the authorization of service.

Patient Access professionals at NAHAM can speak with Recondo clients who will be on-hand to share their health systems’ experience with the solutions and with Recondo’s full suite of “touchless” revenue

“We believe patient access professionals at NAHAM will be excited to learn that, with MySurePayHealth, patients no longer have to wonder what a service or procedure will cost them, and providers no longer have to wonder if patients are prepared to pay,” said Jay Deady, CEO of Recondo. “We’re also excited to share our years’ of success helping hospitals significantly reduce claim denials and write-offs through improved upfront verification.”

A true and accurate picture of patient’s out-of- pocket costs

MySurePayHealth has generated significant market interest as the first self-service, accurate pricing calculator that healthcare consumers can use to generate a true estimate of their out-of- pocket costs. Estimates are based on consumers’ current status of commercial, self-pay, or Medicare and Medicaid coverage, as well as the rates their providers’ have negotiated with payers. Consumers can access MySurePayHealth right from their provider’s website, inputting no more than a few data elements to generate an estimate, usually in under 45 seconds.

With the prevalence of high-deductible insurance plans skyrocketing, and almost a quarter of commercially insured Americans burdened with high hospital co-pays, MySurePayHealth helps to meet public and legislative demands for a clear understanding of healthcare costs before services are rendered.

Taking authorization management out of manual mode

Missing authorizations often account for significant portions of all payer-denied claims, and can result in a loss of 3-5 percent of a hospital’s net revenue. Hospitals can little afford to write off millions of dollars every year. Yet too many rely on staff to log into payer websites or place phone calls to address the Auth-DP takes authorization out of manual mode by automatically querying payer websites for authorization information by payer/patient/procedure. It quickly returns with authorization status, number and expiration date in a fraction of the time required for manual checking. Hundreds of hospitals across the country use Auth–DP to significantly reduce denials and write-offs; accelerate their cash flow; increase net revenue; optimize staff time; and improve patient satisfaction.

Both Auth-DP and MySurePayHealth are powered by Recondo’s patented ReconBot™ Web-mining and workflow automation technology to transform mined payer data into workflow triggers that significantly speed and improve patient access processes.

About Recondo Technology

Recondo’s cloud-based solutions deliver industry leading automated, accurate, and actionable financial clarity to all participants within the healthcare revenue cycle. Recognized by Black Book Research as one of the top three leaders in revenue cycle management software, Recondo empowers more than 900 hospitals with solutions that connect providers, payers, and patients to ensure proper payments across the care continuum. The company’s patented software and expertise streamline operations and allow providers to be paid more, faster, and at a cheaper cost.  Recondo brings efficiencies and cost savings to patient access through to payment processing—a continuum today where inaccuracy and inefficiencies currently cost U.S. healthcare a staggering $480 billion per year.

Media contact:

Stephanie Janard
Amendola Communications for Recondo Technology

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