Recondo launches first self-service price transparency solution at HFMA Annual Conference.

Denver, CO — January 10, 2016 — Recondo Technology, a leading provider of cloud-based revenue cycle connectivity and applications, will introduce MySurePayHealth℠, a powerful new price transparency tool for healthcare organizations and patients, at the 18th annual HFMA Region 11 Healthcare Summit in San Diego, January 24-27.

Hospitals are under increasing pressure from states and consumers to make their prices more transparent. Recently, 39 states have passed price transparency laws mandating that healthcare organizations make their prices available to patients. Consumers face greater responsibility for out-of-pocket payments and want to know the cost of health care services before they receive care. They need time to budget for health care costs or even shop for a better price. But healthcare organizations have struggled to supply accurate estimates of patient responsibility.

MySurePayHealth addresses common concerns with price estimation by enabling patients to self-generate accurate out-of-pocket expense estimates. Leveraging Recondo’s proven patient access suite, MySurePayHealth validates insurance coverage before sharing proprietary, contracted rates to deliver out-of-pocket estimates specific to a consumer’s current benefits.

“Patients no longer have to wonder what a service or procedure will cost them, and providers no longer have to wonder if patients are prepared to pay,” said Jay Deady, CEO of Recondo. “With MySurePayHealth, consumers can generate a price estimate for care at their convenience just by entering their insurance information and very little else. That helps healthcare organizations both improve the patient access experience and increase the likelihood that patients will pay because they can plan for the expense.”

MySurePayHealth is the result of years of development by one of the most experienced teams in healthcare revenue cycle management. Recondo’s revenue cycle management suite is used by more than 900 hospitals nationwide. The company generated 9.3 million price estimates for its customers’ patients in 2015, representing $3.4 billion in patient payment obligation, prior to the introduction of MySurePayHealth.

Reducing uncompensated care while increasing patient satisfaction

MySurePayHealth works in tandem with Recondo’s provider-facing patient estimation service, SurePayHealth™, to calculate out-of-pocket estimates based on the patient’s individual benefit data (contracted rates with payers and fluctuating year-to-date benefits usage). Consumers can access MySurePayHealth through a healthcare organization’s website and it requires minimal patient input data to get price information in real-time.

MySurePayHealth will increase the efficiency of hospital staff in the Patient Access Department by significantly reducing calls from patients who have questions about their out-of-pocket costs. It should also reduce uncompensated care by encouraging patients to arrive prepared to pay. Numerous studies have shown that the earlier the collection process begins, the higher the percentage the provider ultimately collects.

About Recondo Technology

Recondo’s cloud-based solutions deliver industry leading automated, accurate, and actionable financial clarity to all participants within the healthcare revenue cycle. Recognized by Black Book Research as one of the top three leaders in revenue cycle management software, Recondo empowers more than 900 hospitals with solutions that connect providers, payers, and patients to ensure proper payments across the care continuum. The company’s patented software and expertise streamline operations and allow providers to be paid more, faster, and at a cheaper cost.  Recondo brings efficiencies and cost savings to patient access through to payment processing—a continuum today where inaccuracy and inefficiencies currently cost U.S. healthcare a staggering $480 billion per year.

Media contact:

Stephanie Janard
Amendola Communications for Recondo Technology

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