Over 900 healthcare organizations of different sizes and specialties use Recondo solutions to automate and accelerate the revenue cycle. Full adjudication details are collected from payer websites and other sources to complete the financial picture for patient eligibility, authorization verification, claims status and more. With Recondo’s revenue cycle management technology, true patient access and business office automation can be achieved regardless of provider or claim type.


An acute care setting is no place for inefficiencies. Yet for years hospitals have had to wait (and wait) on payers to respond to queries for critically needed pieces of information. Recondo closes this connectivity gap between providers and payers for good. Through our patented ReconBot® technology, our EmpoweredPatientAccess™ and EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ tools automate the retrieval of answers on numerous financial clearance activities. And they go several leaps further by routing the answers “by exception” to assigned staff—fueling financial departments with newfound productivity.

Whether hospitals need accurate estimations of patient financial responsibility, rapid eligibility confirmation, authorization verification, claim status or any other revenue cycle management workflow that benefits from automation, Recondo delivers the most accurate answers in the shortest time.


Integrated Delivery Network


We understand the growing pains of a growing health system, especially with revenue cycle management. Different entities within the network often have different processes for patient estimations, authorization verification, following up on claims, and a host of other financial activities. No worry—Recondo is deeply familiar with all of these unique healthcare settings. And we can make them work together with unprecedented efficiency.

Using our EmpoweredPatientAccess™ tools, hospital revenue cycle managers can help individual practices finally present patients with an accurate estimate of their financial responsibility on the same day they recommend surgeries and procedures—a proven way to reduce cancellations. On the back end, our EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ tools give deep insight into the performance of acquired entities through a single source of detailed claim adjudication information. Now large volumes of claims from diverse providers can be rapidly managed via automation, regardless of balance.

Specialty Providers

Physician Practices

Healthcare industry changes tend to hit physician practices the hardest, especially their bottom line. With Recondo, real relief is on the way, while communication with payers that reaps little insight is on the way out—forever. Our EmpoweredPatientAccess™ solutions bring the answers straight to the practice instead. Now staff can get the accurate information they need, fast, on patient financial responsibility, authorization status and more. Our EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ tools drastically reduce the denials that threaten margins by scrubbing claim errors before submission, and also bring back notice of denial weeks before the payer sends remittances—giving staff the opportunity to quickly make the needed corrections before resubmitting.

Radiology/Imaging Centers

The high volume service area of Radiology and Imaging is one with strong potential for greater patient collections. But the frequent add-ons make managing pre-arrival activities and authorization management challenging, and hinder collecting at the point of service. This is just one barrier Recondo’s EmpoweredPatientAccess™ solutions removes. Recondo has existing authorization status capabilities with authorization entities such as MedSolutions, NIA, AIM and Care Core. And using our EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ solutions, these care sites can automate the entire claim process, from editing to remittance.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

For obvious reasons, surgery can be one of the most challenging healthcare services to correctly estimate the patient’s financial responsibility. Physicians just can’t say with certainty what supplies and labor will be needed until they get a look inside the patient. That said, Recondo’s EmpoweredPatientAccess™ tools can help surgical centers collect significantly more pre-service dollars. Our automated patient pricing tool provides accurate estimates of standard surgeries/procedures, and auxiliary pricing for the line items that may be additionally required. This same accuracy carries over into claim preparation and adjudication for our EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ customers.

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