Get paid faster and at a cheaper cost.

Our automated software solutions are reducing denials, increasing patient collections and employee productivity.

See what we can do for your patient access and business office staff. We have solutions to solve for registration quality, eligibility verification, estimations and price transparency, authorizations, and claim status.

Complete financial clearance in one suite

Make the most of your Epic investment. Leverage our Best in KLAS patient access content directly into your Epic system via RTA, RTE and HL7. Your staff won’t have to login to a separate revenue cycle application, saving you time, driving increased productivity and yield — not to mention improving staff satisfaction. The RevSmart™ platform includes eligibility, authorization, estimation, financial and medical necessity, enabling automated patient financial clearance within Epic.

The fast path to implementation helped us show the value of automating claim status follow-up to our CFO. It let the Recondo product speak for itself.

Recondo's ClaimStatusPlus even flagged when a payer's turnaround time changed. We got the payment period adjusted, amounting to a $5 million cash flow improvement.

The results have been wonderful and we expect them to keep coming. We found Recondo to be aligned with our guiding principles of integrity and accountability.

Recondo's continued support and partnership have established the company as an extension of the Queen's Medical Center's business office.

My staff were living in backlogs of work, and unpaid accounts could remain unresolved up to 82 days or even 120 days in some facilities. Because of this lack of timely filing, we were also doing considerable write-offs.

Mary Wickersham  Avera Health

Recondo's solution promised to alleviate the burden on my staff. This was important. We do get some turnover, which is expensive.

Mary Wickersham  Avera Health

The cash flow improvements and cost savings have been very apparent. It's much less expensive to automate claim status verification with Recondo than add staff.

Mary Wickersham  Avera Health

We just knew we needed to get estimates right the first time up front. For that, we needed the right tools.

Katie Davis  Atrium Health

With no other changes made in the time period, it's obvious that these improvements are a result of Recondo's automation technology.

Katie Davis  Atrium Health

Work is visibly more productive. Our staff no longer have to spend time calculating estimates and our patients are happier.


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