When querying payers, how a question is asked greatly affects the answer. That’s why hundreds of hospitals and clinics rely on Recondo to ask them. Our suite of Patient Access solutions return with the industry’s most complete and current answers on patient coverage, liability, and demographics, plus real-time authorization requirements and status. And they do so within seconds instead of days.



Getting insight from payers on billed claims is not as straightforward as a single electronic query. That’s why so many healthcare organizations use Recondo to get a real answer back instead of a mere response. Our automated tools “intelligently” request information on every aspect of claims and remittance–and our patented ReconBots™ retrieve the answers as soon as payers post them to their websites. The result? Recondo clients eliminate manual intervention on up to 90 percent of claims.



For customers seeking the ability to automate and enhance their revenue cycle performance, Recondo offers an integrated suite of end-to-end solutions covering a broad spectrum of the healthcare revenue cycle; from Patient Access to Patient Financial Services, all of which we power with our innovative technology platform, reporting and analytic tools and patented automation tools.

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