Introducing a brand new concept: payers and providers, always on the same page. Recondo’s patented revenue cycle management technology retrieves the industry’s most complete and current answers on patient coverage, authorization, claim status and more.

Payor Resolution

Every minute, healthcare organizations need information from multiple payers. Now they can get it in seconds. After eight years of acquiring data from payers, Recondo understands it’s not just who you ask–but how. That’s why our Payer Resolution System is designed to make “intelligent” requests that bring back the industry’s most comprehensive benefit information. A robust rules engine that drives all of our automated EmpoweredPatientAccess™ and EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ tools, it’s the industry’s only revenue cycle management technology that can retrieve information for the same transaction from multiple sources—including payer portals and EDI–and merge the data into a single enlightening answer.


Payor Connectivity | ReconBot®


Our patented ReconBot® technology offers first-of-its-kind, automated connectivity to payer websites, enabling business office and patient access staff to do other work while our ReconBots® retrieve the latest payer data on claims status, authorization verification, eligibility confirmation and more. This is the key technology that enables our EmpoweredPatientAccess™ and EmpoweredBusinessOffice™ solutions to deliver rich, web-sourced data that fills in the gaps left by EDI. Highly scalable and secure, our ReconBot® technology can connect with virtually unlimited payers and plans simultaneously.

HIS Integration

One less system. So much more accomplished. It’s no secret that healthcare customers have grown weary of having to maintain so many different systems. So here’s good news for them: they can automate significant volumes of patient access work within a scheduling or hospital information system they already have. And here’s some news that will be just as welcome to system vendors: they don’t have to develop such powerful automation in order to offer it to their customers. Recondo’s automated patient access and business office tools are already tried, tested, and interacting in numerous systems today—including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, and Allscripts.

Supercharge your system with Recondo.  Hospital information systems make managing patient data easier. But imagine one that can wrap up a patient registration with an accurate estimate of what the patient will owe. Or that automatically populates claims with the right authorization numbers and flags hard-to-spot errors before submission. Those are just a few of the workflows our rich data can automate—there are many more.


Reporting and Analytics


The Recondo Command Center is the healthcare organization’s window into what—and who—drives collection and payment efficiencies. And yes, inefficiencies. Is it a particular payer? A recurring issue with incorrect authorization or eligibility confirmation? These and more questions are answered in a wide range of KPIs and reports, including custom and ad hoc. Decision-makers have new access to the totals of calculated and collected patient financial responsibility; eligibility transaction volumes; pre-service collection amounts by facility or user; authorization data and many more stats and analytics.  Hospital managers and executives have access to the totals of patient financial responsibility calculated and collected, the number of eligibility transactions, dollar amounts collected prior to service by facility or user, authorization data and many other statistics and analytics.

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