Supercharge your Epic system.

Tightly integrating patient financial clearance directly into your Epic workflow turns your health information system into a significant revenue generator, allowing you to capitalize on your Epic investment and financially clear growing patient volumes. 

Smart financial clearance at your fingertips

The phase “we just can’t hire enough staff,” no longer applies when you leverage RevSmart™ automation to do work that has traditionally been manual. RevSmart leverages Best in KLAS patient access content from Recondo directly into your Epic system via RTA, RTE and HL7 — saving you time, increasing productivity and yield, and improving staff satisfaction. Driving automated and actionable financial clearance data into Epic also ensures more patients are financially cleared pre-service and allows staff to focus on meaningful conversations about a patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility.

See some of the outcomes achieved by Bon Secours Mercy Health while utilizing RevSmart for Epic below.

75% workflow automated.

Eligibility verification, authorization submission and verification, and notice of admission automated.

118 FTEs reallocated.

Pre-access automation workflow improvements equivalent to 118 FTEs equating to 90,000 monthly accounts.

50% gain in days out.

Pre-registration and authorization days out improvement from 1-2 days to 10 days out after automating authorizations.

$7.6M FTE cost savings.

$7.6M benefit in reduced FTE expense through automation of revenue cycle workflow.

POS collections up 95%.

Point of service collections improved by 95.83% after automating estimates and payment capture.

$15M net revenue.

Automated charge capture audit of all accounts resulting in over $15M added net revenue.

Platform capabilities

RevSmart™ leverages the Best in KLAS patient access suite from Recondo directly into your Epic system via RTA, RTE and HL7.

Real-Time Eligibility

Beyond yes/no eligibility, we couple payer electronic eligibility with enriched benefit data from the payer’s website. The result is meaningful insights and identification of denial risk, found coverage, and incorrect plan selection.

Benefit resolution

For organizations utilizing Epic’s native estimation capabilities, we can deliver enriched eligibility and benefit resolution logic, eliminating the need for the creation of thousands of complex data pull rules.

Real-Time Authorization

Leveraging Epic’s support for the use of EDI 278, you can now solve for the full spectrum of authorization and medical necessity management. We’ve built more than 950,000 unique authorization rules — eliminating management of rules.

Accurate estimates

With more than a decade of experience automating patient estimates, our accurate patient out-of-pocket expectations can be integrated directly into Epic along with a branded patient estimate letter.

Payment capture

Recondo has partnered with HealthPay24 to bring the best-of-breed estimation and payment capture solutions directly into Epic, increasing your point-of-service payment collections.

Address verification

Ensures data integrity pre-service by validating patient identity and demographic data, reducing one of the leading causes for denials by correcting demographic and technical errors during registration.

Financial assistance

Gaining insights into a patient’s propensity to pay and likelihood of qualifying for payment assistance is critical to keeping patient bad debt from rising and is also a key driver of patient satisfaction.

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