Use patient estimates to capture more upfront collections.

Patients who have a good understanding of their financial responsibility are more likely to pay at the point of service. Replace manual estimates with accurate calculations of their out-of-pocket costs.

Replace unreliable manual estimates

The continued rise in high-deductible health plans calls for new collection strategies, processes, and tools. SurePayHealth™ is our automated patient estimation solution that’s enabled record-breaking pre-service and point-of-service collections.

SurePayHealth™ automates the process of calculating a patient’s liability without manual intervention, using managed care contracts, charge master data, and the most current patient benefit information available to create an accurate estimate. The software offers a financial assistance feature that aids in the financial clearance process of determining propensity to pay or charity qualification, without requiring an intrusive credit check. There’s also an optional feature for details reporting on actual collections relative to total opportunity through integration of payment posting files.

Calculate propensity to pay.

SurePayHealth™ aids in the financial clearance process of determining propensity to pay or charity qualification without requiring an intrusive credit check.

Perform accuracy analysis.

We regularly evaluate patient estimates against previously adjudicated claims to identify variances, decreasing the likelihood of refunds and supplemental bills.

One seamless experience.

Your logo is displayed on estimates and we integrate with major health information systems, including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, Allscripts and Artiva.

Access global estimates.

You can opt to use global estimate features including both the facility and professional charges for a comprehensive picture of patient financial responsibility.

We just knew we needed to get estimates right the first time up front. For that, we needed the right tools. Work is visibly more productive. Our staff no longer have to spend time calculating estimates and our patients are happier.

Katie Davis

Atrium Health

It’s extremely hard to ask people to do a job without the tools to accomplish it. Manually, our team could only go so far in increasing pre-registration and point-of-service, which are critical collections points today for any facility.

Before Recondo, our staff would have to sit on the phone forever with insurance companies who would only discuss 3 or 4 patients at a time. Now it’s all automated, so all of that time is freed up for other work.

Linda Glass

St. Francis Hospital

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